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UNCW + Wilmington communty

Unfortunately, this was bound to happen. The Wilmington community outside of UNCW hates the university. The conservative city dwellers hate the rowdy, progressive college kid. They always have and will. The marketing fraternity is doing everything in their power to control and effectively administer this program. They have done a great job too. The reason it won't happen is because the Wilmington community has no rapport with UNCW.

Reading the comments below, all I hear are students advocating for their rights as students and then locals advocating their rights as citizens. City dwellers, let them have their Wing Fling. If you got a problem with it, then just don't come. College students are going to drink no matter what. Your problem isn't with them. I would be encouraging you to write your local representative to get more law enforcement to do something about the gang violence, drug dealing, and illicit behavior that goes on within Wilmington rather than worrying about this. I would also advise you worrying about the city's procurement of a business district and more jobs because right now you have the most well educated wait-staff in America.

My point is that why fight against an event that promoting a marketing fraternity, local business, and fun. If Wing Fling has offended you in anyway I am deeply sorry. I am sure that you never wanted to drink in college either and now that you own a home close by it is going to hurt you in some way.

Until the community and UNCW can start embracing each others goals, there is really no hope for either of us.


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