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I believe Barfield did the right thing to confront about budget issues since our county and city budget is top priority during how the economy is nationally! He probably knows that he personally is not in the budget position but at least he confronted to allow Hayes know before things get out of handed since presently city budget and county budget overall here in New Hanover County has done very well according to recent news that were above average during tough economically times! New Hanover county dont need to be in large deficit at all and if Mr Barfield didnt confront Hayes about it then something happens then how is it gonna effect in the long run???? I believe Mr Barfield cared enough and is doing his job accordingly also protects our county, city from goin in budget disaster also saving all of us from gettin in to defcicit!!!!
I do not believe Mr Barfield would be someone or a type of a person to confront in a bad manner or be mean about things according what Hayes said he had done.
If Hayes plans are effecting our budget then it will affect it then whats more is gonna be effected is citizens as a whole in our city, county. It will effect this then maybe effect how we are gonna be taxed in the long run after budget gets effected to how Hayes does his job with school redistricting decisions. His decisions may affect budget due to districts being very opposite of schools and being very far away from each other causing budget to go over its budget unless he makes a right decision to where it wont effect budget if he does the redistricting accordingly closer to schools within neighborhoods instead of north neighborhoods go too far out of the ways and south new hanover neighborhoods go too far out of the ways north and west goin too far out of the ways to east then east neighborhoods to too far to west etc etc ..... We citizens want to be closer to our schools accordingly in neighborhoods where we are from or live but at the same time continue to be sure we do still do all schools to be still be all racial equality in each schools.
It seems which I stated above is maybe the point of view which Barfield was trying to say also to make sure Hayes dont do things that are out of handed with how he does with redistricting also race relations to be a big part in each schools. Hayes maybe is doing redistricting thats effecting budget also not making sure schools are filled with students racially equally in each schools.
Ive known Barfield for a long time and he deserves a chance to do what he does as a county commissioner also does a very good job as well. Citizens needs to look more deeper than just overlooking and put blames on him without researching or knowing the facts at first place because Mr Hayes might be doing things to only make Mr Barfield look bad. It needs to be stopped also all commissioners need to work together whether we all like it or not also whats important is during this time; economy effects all levels nationally state down to counties then to our cities over all so please listen to who ever comes up about the budget since he or she may be protecting our citizens such as ourselves also. Mr Barfield may be trying to protect something from get out of handed such as he says would effect our city or county budget then it will effect us as a whole in our town and county as well our citizens. Look at the big picture and work together as adults and not children in our city or county levels of govt!!!!! Grow up and Mr Hayes do not target Mr Barfield and stop making him look bad like how Ms Padget did to former county commissioner Katherine Moore which was completely destroyed because she was a woman of power and seems Mr Hayes maybe is doing the same to Mr Barfield just to get his power away because of similiar reasons seems to be the same between both Ms Moore and Mr Barfield because of their color of their skin!!!! Mr Hayes if thats so; please STOP!!!!! We need to work together and get things through together as an adult also really watch how our county and city is run especially during the times of how our economy presently is now!!! This is what we all vote for all of you to be there for and it doesnt matter what and since this is about budget on one side and about redistricting on the other side just cant be one sided also all needs to be coming together to work together!!!!
For Mr Hayes: stop bringing back how former commissioner Ms Moore was treated again towards Mr Barfield!!!! We dont need this!!!! Work together as a team regardless to who the person is whether u like it or not!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!


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