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So it should be Walgreen's policy to ask to see a weapon before handing over any pills? That is absurd. Why not take the suspect’s word for it? I hope no pharmacist is a stupid enough to try your loss prevention tactics. If so, prepare to start seeing more armed robbery / homicide news stories.

You also suggest that 90% of the "loser note passers" don’t have a weapon; therefore, I have to assume you think 10% are armed. If you ever get held up or robbed, I hope your assailant doesn't fall in the 10% category, because then you'd be dead and robbed. I'd rather be short some pills and go home, hadn't you?

I think it is best to give these substance abusers what they want, call 911 as quickly as possible, and let the Sheriff's Office handle the rest, just as they did quit well and efficiently in this case. Pharmiscists aren't cops, and should not be asked to play a law enforcement role in order to prevent a monetary loss.


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