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Yay! Another rocket scientist!

Okay Albert, let me ask you about this line from my post: "If you won't take the option of installing remotely fired spearguns or trap doors over shark tanks...."

Do you think I was out to impress everyone with my serious take on this situation?

But, since you want to have a serious discussion, fine....

...I read a story yesterday about a Wells Fargo teller who had the "backbone" to ask a bank robber for two forms of ID, claiming that she could not release the money without seeing his ID. You guessed it, the robber really WAS stupid enough to give her his ID, and was arrested within hours.

That bank teller evidently understood the concept of "better to die on your feet than live on your knees." She probably got fired for it.

As long as corporate America fears lawsuits more than they do criminals, we'll have our priorities a bit skewed toward the spineless side. Walgreens doesn't prohibit their employees from being armed for fear they'll get hurt. They do it, like every other corporation, because they fear being sued. They fear the NOK of this toothless, inbred, hillbilly filing suit because of their pain and loss had pharmacist blow him to kingdom come.

BTW, I've been face to face with violent criminals on more than one occasion, and always came out on top. Attitude and immediately sizing up the situation is everything in life....oh....and not having an employer who tells you that you can't defend your life. Because you can cooperate 100% and the bad guys occasionally kill you don't even give them a call or a chance.


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