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Well let's see. There was no

Well let's see. There was no mention of drugs or of gangs. But it's still fresh and more info will be given to enlighten us more. Most likely at least one will be mentioned, or so I assume. However, until then, let's not see ourselves as people we are not, which is judge and reporter. We were'nt there and haven't a clue as to what happened, well we know the effect of what happened, but not the cause. And I would like to present this to you as well. The graduates of the program are just a few people who live in that community, if they are still there. They may have been asleep at that time of night because they, like you, may have a job to go to as well. And thinking off the top of my head, most drug arrests are of people who are selling or distributing the drugs, NOT using the drugs. No doubt there are plenty of drug users there. But I don't doubt that they are in your and my neighborhoods, or communities as well. And don't forget about the fact that a lot of the customers the drug dealers out there have are not people from their community. Which is why they are arrested, they don't know the real customers from the undercovers acting as customers. I think that's great. They need to be off the streets and out of these communities of people who don't want them there anyway. I'm not defending the people who are doing wrong, but I am defending the innocent community of individuals who has no reason to be passively attacked because of the community they live in or because they receive funding from the government, or as we all say, "From us because we pay taxes," as if none of them pay taxes. There are people living out there who work hard on legal jobs that get funding from the government as well. Please don't forget that in your posts.


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