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I agree, but

I agree. I am tired of working hard and seeing my tax dollars go to people who have no ambition to better themselves and get off welfare, but if 75% (your provided number) do not pass a drug test and lose their "check" what do you think that will do to crime? Do you think it will force them to wise up and get a minimum wage job? I doubt it. Crime would go through the roof. Jails and prisons are expensive and maxed out as it is, so I don't want to hear the "just throw them in jail" crap. We have some real problems in this country and the answers are not as simple as some might like to believe.

A side note. I recently canceled my cable (kept the internet service though) because I'm pretty much living paycheck to paycheck. I know a former coworker that is on some type of government assistance and she has cable. That pisses me off, so I am not defending welfare, just hate when people try to act like its so simple to solve our problems. BTW- she had cable when Bush was president too.


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