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Wow...your post was really hard to read since you don't use any punctuation. Anyway, OK look, this guy was 22 years old, he had an extensive rap sheet, and he didn't live in Hillcrest so he didn't just "step outside" to grab a cigarette at 2a.m. He was obviously there for unlawful reasons. Since drugs are a part of his rap sheet, people are obviously going to think he was there because of something to do with drugs.

You ranted on about income, which has nothing to do with this, but... I'm a single mom who has worked all my life with no help from anyone to raise my son by myself. I know what it's like to go without. There's no crime in being poor; the crime is when you turn to doing something illegal to stuff your pockets.

Also, while you are informing your kids that white folks "play the blame game on blacks", please inform them that their mother does the same thing to whites. You're as prejudiced as they come, and you are working hard to make your kids hate and distrust whites. Shame on you.


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