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Oh, I see, leave it to the

Oh, I see, leave it to the police to solve the problem, right? Why don't these communities get together and establish community watches and report strangers that don't belong in their neighborhoods? Why don't parents make sure their children are home at night with them instead of running the streets looking for trouble?

And no one is attacking "poverty stricken" people, as you suggest. I have lived paycheck to paycheck most of my adult life trying to support a child all my myself and praying that no surprise illness or situation would arise to take the food out of his mouth. It did, of course, on several occasions, but with God's grace, we made it through. We are attacking people who have mile long records involving drugs, stealing, or worse. Why should you expect corporations to hire people with those kinds of records? Honestly, would you want someone like that working for you? If you don't like "Amerikkka", please do us all a favor and LEAVE! You're a pain in our backsides and prejudiced as the day is long! Good riddance!


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