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what about you so called

what about you so called hard workers whom loose there job and wind up on unemployment which is listed under welfare, under the us budget ..felony drug charge no welfare marijuana is a misdmeanor under 1.5 oz ... but you aint workin your butt off for somebody on welfare, you workin your butt off for the congress and the state ;to blow your money the way they want too ..nobody owe u nothin cause u work an somebody get a welfare check ..go to ..then think back when congress gave all them companys and private corporations billions of dollars ..them companys went overseas with there production and bank of america charge u interest and give u bad credit score ....what piss me off you people workin gettin all them new tax breaks/returns and unemployment too, the gov helpin you mo than us welfare, public housin people .i got no prob takin no drug test ,cause u gone have to take 1 too get unemployment check..


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