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Kayne Darrell and Titan both have rights

Do we have the Sierra Club and Ms Darrell both perhaps trying to incite by twisting issues? Ms Darrell and some of the stop titan folks are trying to make a slander and libel suit by Titan a free speech issue. Let's look at Ms Darrell a bit more closely. Did she use the stop titan facebook page to push her agenda and her candidates- always ultra liberal. Did she disclose contibutions she made on that webpage so others could judge her objectivity? This should be about BOTH parties having their day in Court. While many of us are no fans of Titan and supportive of the worthy goals of Stop Titan- we do not condone the effort of some to make stop titan very partisan- which is not suppose to be the case. STOP TITAN SHOULD BE NON-PARTISAN.Both Titan and Ms Darrell are entitled to their day in court. Will the facts show that this is a suit by Titan to intimidate opponents- or did Ms Darrell overstep approprriate boundaries? Let a court decide that- not those who talk free speech but would deny Titan their rights too


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