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state employees health plan

State employees are taxpyers too and make less in our field than those in other, comparable fields. State employees haven't had a raise in years and there isn't one in sight. when I worked in the private sector I got raises and bonuses not allowed State employees, I took a pay cut to become a State employee....I know the ones on a fixed income deserve more than they get but they don't have to fill their gas tanks twice a week to go to work now do they?? or pay the high state and federal income tax??? If you really want to look at someone to compare then take a look at our federal employees, look at the ones sitting behind the desk at the SS Dept who make twice what we make as a state employee and get bonuses and raises.....NC State employees do not have the luxurious lifestyle some would think and now they want to take some of that away???? They need to start at the TOP when they start cutting!!!!!!!


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