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Are you crazy

State employees have recieved no pay raises in 3 years and now have to pay more insurance. We are not Wisconsin, we do not have a union. We are at the mercy of politicians for any benfits we receive. You look at what is going on in other union states and automatically apply it to NC. We have mortgages, families, bills like everyone else but unlike everyone else we depend on politicians for anything we get. Some of you morons think State workers are so well paid, and receive so many benefits but that is far from true. The rank and file workers who actually do the business of the State are the ones who suffer, not the political hacks in Raleigh. I wish we could strike so for once and all citizens would see what would happen to this State if we decided to stay home just one day. Your ignorance of what State workers actually make is far, far less than Federal employees and the private sector doing an equivalent job. You might see where University Chancellors, etc. make 100's of thousands of dollars yearly. You can be assured that the ones who teach, who maintain the campuses, provide security are not making any where near what the State has given to employees whom have a title. They are in with the politicians and they are rewarded. You need to cut a little slack to rank and file workers because your statements are false, malicious and stupid.


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