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Grass is greener

Working for the state generally means you get paid less, and in the past two years it translates to no raises. As well as a lack of a bonus as compared to the private sector.

The only benefit is a "steady" job. But then again, who really knows.

I myself would gladly pay the extra money if it meant that the budget would be improved by that much. I'm also the type of person that would rather see a small pay cut across the board rather than 5,000 people laid off at a time like this.

I've talked with a couple people (private sector) who make 3 or 4 times what I do while working for the state. They envy my consistent 40 hours a week, while I envy their higher salary and 50-60 hour week.

It all depends on your current position. Of course "those other guys" have it better. They always do


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