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I agree w/you about the moron politicians NC had put into office -- how about the Gov take a pay cut of 1/2 her salary along w/min pay for all of the ones sitting on their tusshes coming up w/these absurd bills/policies/cuts. Politicians would not be where they are w/o teachers and here we are going into our 4th yr w/o a raise - now they want to charge us for ins, which I admit is not alot, but still. And EDUCATION lottery $ - what a joke! The amt the state has taken in alone w/prevent teachers positions from being cut. Next thing you know they will ask students to stay home and get their education online.
I agree - it would be nice to get all state emps to strike 1 day and stay at home Our great gov. stated she was 'for teachers and education because she had been there' - evidently she wasn't 'there' long enough to feel the pinch of the $.
We will never dig out of the hole we have been put in by our 'concerned politicians who will look out for us if we put them in office' - YEAH - RIGHT!


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