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Health Care

I am a teacher and I am in favor of state employees paying on health insurance. When we talk about how low our salaries are, lets remember we chose this profession knowing the salary- that's public knowledge. Also, most of those working in the private sector do not get two months a year off. I love my job and I thank God every day for the opportunity to teach. I hope I never lose sight of why I am doing what I do. I am 61 years old and have worked many years in the private sector also. Believe me, my state job is better than anything I had in the private sector, and I had good jobs including being a successful real estate agent. No, we are not Wisconsin, but I am afraid many have the same mentality that got Wisconsin in the financial fix they are in. These are hard times. We all have to be willing to give a little or we will be required to give a whole lot more because the funds will not be there. $22 a month is nothing. I expected it to be five times that amount. We still have it good!!! The entitlement mentality that permeates our society is why we are where we are now. Let's pull together and turn our state around. With this I also want to say to our politicians. Don't do this to close the gap in our budget and then find somewhere else to spend the money. STOP SPENDING AND MANY OF US WILL BE WILLING TO HELP IN THIS CRISIS TIME. BUT DON'T REQUIRE OF US WHAT YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DO ALSO.


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