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They REALLY don't know!!!

You have to remember, you are talking about the state DOT. They were being honest with you in stating, "We don't know...". They aren't playing possum, they're telling the truth this time!

If you question the DOT's ability, look at what they did to Monkey Junction. They put in u-turn points that nobody uses, while everybody U-turns where it is clearly prohibited. The accident rate in that area has increased dramatically. Then consider the new red light at Carolina Beach Rd and River Rd just before the Snows Cut bridge. That does ZERO good with accident prevention! The people coming from River Rd. should not be allowed to turn right on red and the left turn from CB Rd. to River Rd. should be directed by GREEN arrow only, NOT a flashing yellow arrow. People are still pulling out in front of others and turning left in front of others as much as ever (if not more)! Installing that light in with that operation sequence is similar to wearing a rain coat while you take a shower.'s like they told you, "We don't know..." Get it?


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