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the only reason they are looking into this is because the news got a wiff of it, trust me this is been like this for years. Thats BOLOGNA saying they are trying to fix the problems. As long as we sit back and keep accepting it, it will never change. We got to start going to
the meetings and see what's happening. I feel like the other person who wrote about the utility bill, I nearly FROZE to death this winter myself and had to use kerosne heaters. My furnish is gas but I couldn't afford to buy gas, it's either gas or lights???!!! You the math. A new meter was put into my home in Oct and around Nov and Dec my lights would get dim and bright, called Brunswick Electric and they came out 3 times to find out the problem so they said the wires going to the meter were bad and i had to get an electrician to come out and rewire, now heres my question. If you know the wires are bad why would you put the meter in? It was working fine before the new meter. I could have had a fire. One top of that it was a Friday and the electric company said they had to cut my power off until i get an licensed eletrician to come out and fix it and he came out on Sat morning fix the wires and called power company to come cut me back on and their response was they didn't do cut ons on the weekend so i was without power until Mon afternoon (3:30 to be exact) and guess what those 3 1/2 days still didn't cut my bill any. Yep another $500 bill. Go figure!!!!!!! Whatever contract the ciy of Southport is in PLEASE hurry up and get out of it (they say its a 25 yr contract). WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!! I wonder how much the Mayor's bill is? NOT $500, or maybe not even $200. And by the way i wanted the port to come here it would have been jobs for some people.


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