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Grow Up

First of all, there is a law stating you can't speed (which he did). Second, there is a law stating you must have a current license to operate a motor vehicle (which he did not). Third, there is a law stating you can't flash a badge and say "I'm the Chief" (which he did). I really doubt the State Trooper is going to lie about that. You seem to miss the point that elected and appointed officials, town, state or federal government, are held to a higher standard because they represent us and are using taxpayer resources. However, most of the time they feel they are above the law and will compromise their integrity because they have a little power and will lie or hire a slick lawyer to get out of the mess they created. As for your final comment, what does being a "good person" have to do with any of this? Many good people do stupid things. Stop the good person crap and stick to the facts of what happened. Yes, many people speed, however not many of them are town MANAGERS with expired drivers licenses flashing a badge saying “I’m the Chief.” I’ve been driving for 30 years and have never let my license expire. Mr. Cox should have to go through drivers education again with the full exam and road test, just like a 16 year old. How can he MANAGE a town if he can’t even manage his own affairs?


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