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I bet he is embarrassed! He got caught and broke the law on three different issues and now the town of Chadbourn residents have to pay the price with there tax dollars. He should have to pay for his on private attorney to get himself out of this mess! You watch he will
get out of this with a slap on the hand.(ITS ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW AND WHO YOU ARE IN THAT COUNTY)! I would love to see what they would do to any of us regular folks if we impersonated a police officer playing or not that is a CRIME!! Hey Chadbourn residents if your car is messing up since your tax dollars paid for that police car shouldn't you be able to borrow it too? And guess what they leave the chief of police's badge in the car so it might come in handy if you get pulled over. If I lived in that town I would make sure my voice was heard about how my money was being spent! Does this man think he is above the law because of his position he hold's there in Chadbourn? I hope the DA and the courts do the right thing here! And I hope the town of Chadbourn does the right thing also but I almost forgot COX runs the town of Chadbourn!! What a lucky break for him.


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