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WHERE IS CHIEF KELLY RODGERS WHEN YOU NEED HIM, probably enjoying life as a robenson county sheriffs officer, lol. sitting back watching the news and saying to himself "what in the world is going on in a town that i loved so much". I dont know what happened all i can do is speculate like everyone else. I can tell you this i would bet my life they all knew what they were doing from the point of getting behind the wheel of the vehicle e x c e p t for the town manager. Sure he probably knew he has an expired license but figured he was with some authority so he could get by with it. But Mr manager let me remind you who you are dealing with. You are surrounded with people that will let you drive them around illegally knowing that if something happens you are their excape route. you are dealing with people that will be seen with you just to say they know a black man so they can hide their rascism. you can bet on one thing if they can get you out of it by Mr. Pope putting the case off until he can get his judge their they will. They will shove it down the throats of the towns people like they always have. B U T. if the heat gets W A R M you, my friend, will be thrown under the bus QUICKLY. unemployed and tarnished like you have never seen. remember Rex Gore is not there anymore and the new DA is will not BEND the law. You better check your town history. You had a mayor that was in the KKK and the backing of a KKK council. You had aunblemished BLACK chief that never missed a days work and never had a case unsolved. SBI investigations only says the only thing wrong with the chief is he is too honest, lol I think the paper said "we gonna fire him no matter what it cost" if i can remember the reigning mayors picture was in the headline. I remember one mayor last named Shaw said There is a fine line between a good Chief and a crook so he didnt think Chief Rogers qualified. one mayor came to me personally and said "if you help me fire that NIGGER ill make you chief" God rest his sole. The road up the political pole is slippery if your not willing to sell your soul to get to the top then my friend remember the good guys are still here at the bottom to catch you when you fall and believe me their is no safety net provided by the council in chadbourn. So remember dont burn your bridges with the towns people because they are your support. Drive by an elderly ladys house once in a while go in visit and ask them if you can help them in anyway be sincere. i was taught that from a good man it carried him a long way. be honest no matter what the consequences. remember its not all about the money serve the public not the greedy. Your fellow members will not like you but you will be able to sleep at night. biggest thing to help the people get rid of you traffic cops and hire investigators. put infasis on catching people who steal and kill instead of getting more money out of the real tax payer running 5 minutes late for work. i know that is an expense not a money maker but remember tax dollars already pay your salary how can you get paid if a tax payer cannot afford to pay taxes because his license was revoked for a speeding ticket or he cant get to work because his car was stolen you cant find it because you have no investigators. Listen dont baddger me about grammar or spelling its 5:00 in the morning and im headed to work. you can get the message from this. Good luck.. somebody call Kelly Rodgers and thank him for the sacrifice he gave to the good people of Chadbourn.


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