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More like uneducated....

No, "dude", while you're advising this individual to go back through BLET, if you would have ever attended yourself, you would know that that officer had EVERY right in the book of law to use deadly force against this individual! Instead, he chose to attempt to disable the vehicle....which is more than I would have done. I would have used deadly force against the individual. People fail to remember how we lost a very great officer over 10 years ago to a similar incident. LT Monica Carey was dragged and killed by a suspect in a moving vehicle (i.e., DEADLY WEAPON). Pull out some case law buddy and you'll see how this officer could have easily used deadly force against this suspect. Another case in Texas to a buddy of mine...officer chased suspect on foot and he jumped into another individual's car who, in turn, began to drive off. Officer was dragged for a few feet and discharged his weapon hitting the DRIVER, not even the individual he was chasing. Guess what, he was deemed justified!


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