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Good Riddance...

Heres the problem with you guys (if youre one of them, if not, this doesnt pertain to you), regardless of the affiliations you try to associate yourselves with to get a free pass to be self centered...Those obnoxious motorcycles you ride dont come from the factory LOUD like 99% of you guys make them.

There is NO need for the intrusive volume of the mufflers, unless said bikers didnt get enough attention from mommy or daddy and feel the need to let everyone know "I am here, on a bike, wanting to be the center of attention. LOOK AT ME!!"

Maybe the people of CB, much like me, detest the guttural motor sounds of the aforementioned, neglected children and dont want to have to hear it or be forced to make others hear it, especially at 3am. The "wannabes" that you guys speak of usually have common sense and know NOT to gun the throttle at all hours of the night because, now hold onto your hats for this...THERE ARE PEOPLE BESIDES YOURSELVES that live in the neighborhoods you so carelessly roll through. MOST regular bikers dont and could care less about what anyone else is bothered by.

You want it to change? QUIT modding the mufflers and gunning the throttle at all hours of the night, at stop lights, in parking lots, in bumper to bumper traffic etc...especially when there are children in the cars next to you.

You think its cool or OK? Then youre no different than these idiots blasting rap music at obnoxious levels out their car windows.

If what I described above is you & your friends, please, by all means, go somewhere else besides New Hanover County for your Summer enjoyment. There are enough narcissistic fools as it is with the frat boys, wanna be locals & tourists here at WB & CB.


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