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Cut your nose off to spite your face, your choice.

You, yourself acknowleges the delemma of having a "bike week" in a small coastal tourist town. Myrtle Beach didn't want to run anyone off, they just didn't want their entire community overwhelmed with loud, obnoxious and rude motorcyclists taking the city over for two weeks. Hell, go to Sturgis, Daytona or any of the other national meets that occur. You can call it what you want, but those are NOT family events, neither was the Myrtle Beach event. There are plenty of clowns, but no kiddie rides, puppet shows, popcorn vendors or carousels!

Carolina Beach has done an excellent job of revamping the boardwalk area and having many summer activities that are very family friendly and I attend the majority of them. If you want to act like a spoiled child by boycotting our beach and talking it down to others simply because you didn't get you way, then help yourself, it's only your loss. Perhaps if you whine loud enough and long enough, you can convince Wrightsville beach, Figure Eight Island or even Topsail to host your sacred event. Is there a reason you didn't go there first? I can't imagine why...

My educated guess is that you have a much better chance at winning the lottery that getting those welcoming arms open to you and your "cause". THEN, you can pissed at ALL of the beach communities because they don't want you there and won't have ANY beaches to to visit.


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