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Free lunch statement is completely idiotic

I am a 20 plus year State employee also. Who do you think keeps inmates inside the fence, State Employees. I get sick and tired of the public thinking we get anything special because we do not. This is the 3rd year without a raise. Previously if we got a 2% it was taken because medical benefits seemed to rise in line with the raise. Seems coincidental does it not! Why don't you take your sorry but and work inside a prison for one day. But no, you want to think we are paid more than anyone else, have more benefits but that is far from the truth. Your raises are dependent upon your company's progress, ours politicians. State Employees, the rank and file members who actually work take the brunt of politicians mismanagement and Raleigh management. They are already at the top scales of pay while the lowly worker suffers. Political affliation is what gets you to Raleigh, not work or service. I wish State Workers would not work for just one day and see what happens. You morons who think we have it made would find out quickly you need us and we deserve to be compensated accordingly just like civilians are.


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