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no rabies vacines at county shelter

Do you know the animal shelter in New Hanover County does not vaccinate the animals they adopt out? With confirmed cases of rabies its a huge risk! You adopt a pet there you have to take the pet yourself to have it vaccinated, they have you sign a precode violation saying you aree in violation of not having a pet vaccinated in the county for rabies. If you dont return withn 30 days with proof of vaccination they make it active. Perhaps if they understood rabies has a dormant phase and an incubation stage and every pet they adopt out unvaccinated is risking the public and the county with lawsuits. You still pay the nearly $70 fee to adopt but get an unvaccinated animal to bring home to your family. Brunswick and adjoining counties infact vaccinate the animals at the shelter befor adoption. Some places are not safe places to cut corners with money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The vet was sure surprised when we showed up with an unvaccinated pet from the shelter, I took our pet that day to the vet, then quarantined him myself before bringing him inside around my children.


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