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I agree it is ridiculous

I agree it is ridiculous that they don't do the rabies shots themselves. Seems to me that this shelter does a whole bunch of nothing in the way of putting themselves out for any animal or even a human for that matter. When budget was supposedly cut leading them to stop opening on Saturdays for adoption (not even for appointment only)instead of closing during the week one day so that they could open on Saturdays (meaning more adoptions) they just rode the wave. Guess no one wanted to give up their Saturday. Who the hell hires these people? Most seem to have not one ounce of compassion for animals and they do absolutely NOTHING to help the people that come there looking to adopt. They act as if you are bothering them & when you try to ask them anything they act as if everything to do with the animal's welfare is a big secret. Come on are you trying to find homes for these animals or what people? Tell the public how many innocent & perfectly adoptable/saveable cats and dogs you are killing- they NEED to know, maybe it will spark a desire to help. Makes me sick.
Pender County Animal Control is awesome all because the director truly loves animals & goes out of her way, doing everything she can to save them. That should be a qualification but instead many of NHAC workers don't even own a pet themselves. They are just trying to "protect the public" from rabies while putting down God only knows how many perfectly adoptable animals.
Don't mean to be ugly but I needed to get this off my chest.


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