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Wannabe Thugette

Where are the parents during all of this. This child is going to end up in jail where she cannot care for her child and the whole little trailer park "thugette" syndrome just perpetuates. It's clear that the stardom of being on TV has adversely affected this uneducated little girl and to think that she has a child of her own is horrifying. From what I saw before I stopped the video is a little girl misled by her peers trying desperately to become something she is not; a gang-banger. Just to inform you little girl we have enough of these hardened criminals going through the revolving door of the penal system. If you want to be different from the rest of the trash that antagonizes you to perform these public displays of petulance, get a job, pay your bills, get a higher education and above all else make sure this never happens to your child. If you will not do it for yourself do it for your child or possibly the hard working taxpayers that are going to have to shell out their hard earned tax dollars to institutionalize you and your child if you do not make a stand for whats right. We are tired of paying for your stupidity. As for the father of her child; you should be chemically castrated.


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