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Two-Faced Catlin Called Out by Berger

Dicky Catlin looks, talks, and acts like a slimy used car dealer...talking out both sides of his mouth. He sounds smooth delivering polished lies...he got called out by someone smarter and unlikely, berger is down to earth and real, unlike slick rick. Berger is the genuine article, and Dick Catlin is a fake...he pretends to oppose titan while secretly working for the biggest polluters. He lies and Berger called him on one of his lies...probably not the last time. People who work for the County like Berger...most of us. He's what we need, a fighter, and he says what he means. Catlin is the opposite, just another slick typical politician who tells us what we want to hear...even though its all lies. We need more people in office like Berger, and less Dick Catlins. WWAY hates Berger, but even the stations poll showed that all the lies and BS from this station can't fool everyone...Give it a break Pickey...people are sick of your lies about Brian Berger. He's legit...take notes. you might learn something...about being a decent human being...for starters. Go Berger!


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