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WAY TO GO BRIAN!! I suspect

WAY TO GO BRIAN!! I suspect any derogatory remarks have been posted by Barfield's cronies,lazy moochers who live for a handout, or the criminals who funnel taxpayer money into their own pockets. The corruption in this county is absolutely appalling and those guilty should go to jail for it. It is not surprising that they would withhold incriminating information from the ONE and ONLY elected official who is trying to put a stop to those who steal from us and screw us. Voter's remorse??? Are you smoking crack?? This is EXACTLY what he was elected to do which is to stop the secret deals, stealing, and corruption. For those who thought disclosing this email would hurt him, you are dead wrong. It only affirms he is doing his job for the taxpayers and voters; and anyone who opposes or obstructs him WILL BE VOTED OUT.


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