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So the email REPEATS itself and isn't written as well as it could be....HOWEVER, as an elected leader he as a RIGHT to ask for information. It appears as if that information isn't getting to his desk and people are trying to edit/hide things within them. I for one THANK Berger for stepping up and going against the grain here. I hope he keeps it up! Keeps the pressure on and plows thru any of the stonewalling that we all KNOW is present. The county manager needs to remember that he WORKS for those we elected and has a duty to provide documents that are being asked for. In addition, if employees aren't providing the information...the county manager needs to knock some heads for others not doing their jobs. Bottom line...if I go past my floor manager and ask an employee for information and I don't get it being told I have to go to my floor manager....that employee is FIRED! As the boss...I can go to whomever I want for information if that's what I want to do. You can tell the floor manager that I asked for the information...but it's my prerogative to get the information how I want it and from who I want it.


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