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Curious Question

Do you routinely peruse emails on the Government Center mail server, or were you directed to this particular email? If so, who directed you to it? A Staffer?

If that is his email word-for-word, typos and all, it reads like an an email sent in a fit of anger without any proof-reading or post-typed editing. It's like he exploded and hit send.

Rather than headlining "Berger Flips Out" - would not your time have been better spent investigating the allegations he made IN the email? After all, without that subsequent information, this email really has no context, other than he was pissed when he sent it.

Were there really secret meetings as he claims? Why aren't there links to copies of the redacted documents he says he received? I'm sure he would have provided copies to you to draw attention to this matter. Why not make the request for information directly to Shawn, as Mr. Berger did?

Not a very thorough approach to journalism. I have no love for Mr. Berger, but I think it's clear that whomever the copywriter and editor for this article were, they need refreshers in journalistic integrity.

Let's try to set a better example in future articles. This is supposed to be news, not op-ed or entertainment.


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