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and they getrit to him in a timely manner...

BEFORE the day of the meeting - that he has to find out about by demanding answers! Any manager (which is what he IS by definition) would get angry at being INTENTIONALLY KEPT OUT OF THE LOOP, and now they re trying to ostracize him for doing so.

This county obviously has many self interest rats eating away at the rafters of local government so that the voters are left with a leaky governmental roof; more concerned about taking care of its own than about the people it serves - as many of us have suspected for a long time - If anyone needed proof of this, consider it QED THANKS to BRIAN BERGER.

He is only ONE MAN against what looks like an entrenched family of corruption, but hopefully any light shed on this matter will be seen for the truth that it represents, not the corporate propaganda that this corporate lapdog is trying to present.


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