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Berger is right

Did Berger lose his professionalism? Sure. Did he misspell some words? Sure. But does that detract from the fact the other commissioners and other departments are excluding him from representing the very people that elected him? No, not at all.

Its quite disgusting that people on here are blaming McCoy and Wilmington Liberty when the real blame should lie with the other elected officials on the county commission.

Are you people that blind to what is going here or are you people just that dumb? Or is it that these comments are posted by political operatives and people that benefit from said good ol' boy network? I refuse to believe that the comments on this board accurately reflect what the people of Wilmington actually believe.

Is it really that crazy and "nut job" to ask for more transparency in local government? Is it really that crazy or "nut job" to ask the county to be a little more fiscally responsible?

Where is the outrage in that?

P.S. Thats not even a picture of Berger in the article, yet the file is labeled as such. Nice work WWAY.


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