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Give them a Break

Contrary to the perception of a lot of nutjobs, 99.9% of public employees do not give a flip about politics or conspiracies. 99.9% of them just want to do their jobs and go home to their families. For Mr. Berger to attack line staff is a low blow. In most governmental organizations, there is a chain of command. These employees should not be subjected to be gophers for individual commissioners. If Mr. Berger has a concern, he needs to ask the county manager. It's then the manager's job to get the information for him. Not some mid-level planner. I don't agree with Thompson on much, but he is right to question Berger's knowledge of the council/manager form of government. Leave Ms. Ralston and Mr. O'Keefe out of this. If he has issues, he needs to address them to his fellow commissioners or the county manager.


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