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you dont understand you

you dont understand you should research this like i did and you will see $75 was not all there was too it, now the county clerks salary and a extra work load for her is involved because thompson had indeferences about the county phone issued to him ..(quote from older news article) "When a citizen wants to reach Thompson, they can call the clerk at 798-7260, and she will send an email to the commissioner. Thompson has said earlier he will not seek re-election. "BERGER WAS FRUSTRATED WITH INFORMATION NOT BEING SENT TO HIM AND WHEN HE DID RECIEVE INFORMATION IT HAD BEEN ALTERED WITH OTHER COMMISIONERS THOUGHTS OR DETAILS ...(I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS; BERGER EARNED MY VOTE AND DONATION ,HE STOOD UP FOR HIMSELF AND MORE SO FOR THE PEOPLE OF WILMINGTON FOR FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL , NO SECRETS, NO GAMES , NO ALTERED INFORMATION ,AND SENT IN A TIMELY MANNER ... THATS THE KINDA MAN I WANT RUNNING THINGS FOR ME BERGER..(NOT ONE WHO TURNS A PHONE IN AND ONE WHO THINKS HE KNOWS IT ALL AND HE S RUNNING THE SHOW , OR ONE WHO STEALS PEOPLES NOTES AND SENDS THEM TO THE NEWS , AND ONE WHO MAKE S A BIG DEAL OUT OF A EMAIL THAT WAS PERFECTLY LEGAL AND BROKE NO LAWS AND WAS BEING ASSERTIVE DEMANDING THAT CHANGES BE MADE FOR MORE PRODUCTIVE COMMISIONER DUTIES ...


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