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Making A Difference

You know, one of the main reasons things have been so "controversial" with Berger is because he is the first person who is actually willing to step in and DO SOMETHING productive to make this county better! When he ran for office, he said he wanted to make changes in the way things were done, and that means going against the grain; which is bound to stir things up! So many county employees and board members are "good ol' boys" and are just in it for themselves and so when someone opposed to all that steps in then its real easy to twist things to make them look "controversial!" If things stay the way they are, nothing will get better and unfortunately, right now Berger seems to be alone on the board. Either you got Catlin, who is just out for himself and brags about how he owned his own business every chance he gets, and he joins board after board for the bragging rights, or you get Thompson who is so confrontational about everything and who talks down to those who put him in they commissioner's seat! Its really easy for a tabloid that tries to pose as a serious news station to go for the underdog of the commission! Berger asked for information and it should not take ten plus days to get it back to him! Furthermore, I am happy to hear that Berger takes notes and prepares for the meetings! I have been to several county commission meetings and often I see Berger jotting notes in a notepad while the others simply sit there. Its nice to see someone so attentive! Maybe the other commissioners should take notes on Berger's actions!


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