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Shame on ALBE

Well folks its official, we now have our own Alvin Greene in New Hanover County.

It’s sad that Brian can’t see he’s been used. Shame on Ben McCoy, Curtis Wright, Laura Triece, Carolyn Bordeaux, Tom Heitman and the rest of that ABLE bunch. You can tell he’s capable of making clear decisions if you’d let him, but instead you feed him your agenda, while filling his head full of false praise to do you bidding. Have you no conscience, morals or sense of decency. Stop trying to manipulate him with a bombardment of your hate spewed political agenda.

Brian I pray that you wake up and see who these people really are, they’re not your friends, and they’re not your mentors, just backroom sleazes who will throw you aside when they are done. Think Brian think, you got elected not them. They’re the ones making you look like a fool. Seek some party help; I know for a fact you’ve been offered guidance, I heard it at one of the meeting myself. Take these people up on it; you really can make this something you own, not that other bunch. Stand for yourself.


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