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WWAY - your "reporting" has

WWAY - your "reporting" has festered into something that no longer even resembles journalism. This vengeful op-ed style makes the National Enquirer look like the Holy Bible. Those notes, as has been reported already, and has long been put to bed, were written by Brian Berger. They read as if someone else wrote them, but such is the way he thinks. He writes to himself in this way. I guess that's a "scandal" too - the way he prepares for meetings.

Your comment about him not being transparent, and questioning his mental state is way out of line. As much as you would like to be, you are not a blog, or an op-ed column. You are supposed to be journalists; although your style of journalism is an insult to real journalists everywhere. Your crusade against Berger is pathetic, and stems from your childish reaction to him not inviting you to his press conference a while back. This is absolutely pathetic.

As to the question of his employment, I don't what is so hard to understand. He is a marketing consultant, who is self-employed. Catlin is self-employed. Thompson is self-employed. Barfield is self-employed. Why aren't these "scandals"? Berger works with many out-of-state private firms on marketing communications and strategy. You phrase it as if there is something hidden here. You are desperately trying to incite outrage and a public backlash against him - because of your petulent, immature, personal vendetta.

People are quickly realizing that WWAY is not a source of news, but underhanded dreck - and people are going to continue to avoid you and not agree to interviews, because they don't view you as a serious and viable news outlet - and they don't want to be crucified for what they had for dinner last Tuesday.


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