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Threatening? Another J. Thompson mentality....

You comissioners are really something else. You think you answer to nobody, do whatever the hell you want with complete disregard for your constiuents, then you threaten people.

So tell me Mr. McCoy, if someone made these accusations to your face what are YOU going to do about it? Invite them to a parking lot for a fight, sue them for libel, accuse them of wearing depends?

You know, it's really simple. Just be forthright with your customers, the citizens of New Hanover County. Stop avoidance, answer questions, get off your high horse and represent your county the way we elected you to do. The antics that evolve in your office are childish, CLANISH and quite suspicious to say the least. These are the reasons you get targeted. Now when pushed in a corner, you want to threaten, another childish and unprofessional response. The concensus of the general public is that we don't like you, we don't like what you do or how you do it. It is quite obvious that you DO NOT have the citizens of this county in your best interest.

There are NO cowards here, this is a news site that allows readers to leave comments about their articles. Nobody leaves personal contact information here. Your lack of professionalism, ease at being baited into anger and the inability to restrain yourself from showing it displays your very shallow character and thin skin.

At your next public meeting, call out for J.T. the "Coward". I'll step up to the plate if you will!


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