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To Wilm Watcher....Aw come'on now, don't get your shirt all wrinkled. Jonathan has enough ironing!!
Seriously now, if Brian really and truly "works with many out-of-state private firms on marketing communications and strategy", why has it been so difficult for BRIAN to COMMUNICATE what he does, when he was questioned? Seems that anyone who does what YOU say he does for a living would be quite pleased with how IMPORTANT his job is and how successful he MUST be! Why would he avoid such a question?

I have NEVER had any difficulty telling ANYONE what I do for a living, have you? And if so, WHY? Don't you know what you do, did you forget, are you embarrassed, or is it a fabrication made up by a vast right wing conspirator? Hilliary, ah, remember those days of ire?

WWAY questioned WHO was behind his notes/questions... I THINK IT MUST BE YOU! THAT IS THE SCANDAL! You seem to know how to SPEAK for HIM a whole LOT better than he speaks for himself.
What's up with THAT???
As a play on words....
Inquiring minds want to know. As a truism, VOTING minds want to know, especially conservatives like me, who do NOT like the ANTICS associated with a new member of our County Govt. whom I have helped to become elected. QUIT GUIDING HIM, YOU are making him crazy nervous, he was afraid he lost "YOUR NOTES". GEEZ! It's time to Cut the Cord/


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