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Do you always have this much

Do you always have this much fun playing with yourself? Nevermind - I don't want to know. For the record, I do not play your cowardly game of hiding behind screen names just to post comments on stories. I either use "WilmWatcher" because of my blog, in which everyone knows is me; or my name "Ben McCoy". I have never posted anything that wasn't under one of these two names. Believe it or not - Berger was elected by the people of NHC - logic, a foreign concept I know; would deduce that this would equate to him having many supporters. You could further deduce that several of these people may actually read online news and post comments. I am not afraid of my opinion, and I do not mind signing my name to it. It is people like you, who make libelous accusations against people without any proof, that plays that childish game. However, you are far too cowardly to ever speak to me in person, or even sign your real name to your comments. Now run along, I hear your mommy calling for feeding time.


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