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The writer shows his lack of experience in participating in community and NHC Government issues. ALL employees work directly for the County Manager. As it is in the private sector (from one who has actually owned multiple companies, and been in senior management), ALL employees of an organization answer directly to the Sr. Administrative employee. And, for your information, the NHC Manager "works at the pleasure of the Board". That means, if they don't like his tie, they can fire him. Thus, when ANY Commissioner asks for information, the NHC Mnager is ultimately responsible to make sure a timely and reasonable response is given. And, NO ONE COMMISSIONER has any more authority or power than another. And, an important point to remember...there was no vote by the NHC Commission to "appoint" Mr. Catlin at the primary contact, nor negotiator on this EPA issue. We should be fortunate that he brought his expertise to the table (even before he was elected) (an act I personally have thanked him for). However, Mr. Catlin, an experieinced business owner knows, when you take 'the lead' on yourself, you better be careful of how you proceed. Mr. Berger's frustrations (borne out in his emails) are something that the NHC taxpayers have voiced for, none of this is new! In fact, years of protests at NHC meetings (rezonings, Titan, Airlie gardens, Taxes, Sewer, etc.), 'Letters To The Editor', calls to Radio Shows, emails to NHC Commissioners for year's have refelcted Mr. Berger's same frustrations...In fact, many NHC County Commissioners (Sisson,Berzieniks(SP?), Howell, Caster) have been turned out by NHC Voters because of their failed policies, poor treatment of the Public (aka "Titan America", sewer system collapse, CFPUA, $10 million tax mistake, Airlie Gardens, ABC, etc.) over the years. Mr. Berger's frustrations reflect the "real and factual" history of NHC voiced over many years by, why are we so surprised (we who have actually lived here and been involved in politics), and why is this all being displayed in such a cheap, 'tabloid' manner? More questions, here, than answers....


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