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"ALL employees work directly for the County Manager...ALL employees of an organization answer directly to the Sr. Administrative employee."

Do you know what directly means? Let me help: "1. In a direct line or manner; straight: 2. Without anyone or anything intervening" By your logic, the junior-most tradesman over at GE "works directly for" Jeff Immelt. Next time, try using the phrase "ultimately works for" when that's what you wish to say. But in this case, you were just wrong. Everyone with a pulse knows that all employees in an organization ultimately report to the senior most executive/administrator but there is a chain of command and in this case, you were incorrect about someone reporting directly to the NHC manager.

"And, for your information, the NHC Manager "works at the pleasure of the Board". That means, if they don't like his tie, they can fire him."

Thanks for stating the obvious that city and county managers can be removed from office at the pleasure of the board. Some of us haven't just recently unpacked our UHauls and have followed local current events for a long time. Most notably, we remember when Bill Farris (CoW) and Felix Cooper (NHC) were forced out. The various managers who were let go from the local small towns over the years, who can ever remember all of them?


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