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Inappropriate, I agee with you on one point and one only. The reporter should have asked Gov. Perdue the questons you mentioned. Where we disagree is bout former senator RC Soles, Jr. Why won't he prosecute these guys when they assault him? I mean, why wouldn't he if he had nothing to hide? I know why the boys won't prosecute Mr. Soles. It's because some court officials are so crooked. Why do you think a former parter of Mr. Soles is now a lawyer or why her husband has a job at the court house that should be cut before shool teachers are hired. Gov. Perdue is a close friend of Mr. Soles and I can't believe he threw her under the bus so he could get the reporter off his back.

The reporter and Channel 3 are only doing their job. When Soles and Strickland make fools of theselves by going to the police department to air their dirty laundry, they should be questioned and they should have been jailed for violence since both didn't deny the allegations of assault. You need to quit defending Mr. Soles because he has created situations that he wants to look squeaky clean in but can. He is a sick minded person who needs to be put behind bars.


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