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Re: Challengetheworld - Thanks

1) I agree with you that he should speak with news outlets, but it is on his agenda and not the news stations. Keep in mind this is not his full time job. I do not agree with you that when he blows off you he is blowing everyone else off? That is rather pious to think that him stating he has a prior commitment is blowing everyone else off.

2) I understand he said he had to iron a shirt. I find it refreshing that he was honest to you. Do you think if he said he had to goto the bathroom or perhaps go eat that would have satisifed you any better?

3) Perhaps its best to arrange a time that he agrees with, then when he says he doesn't have time you will not be surprised.

Mr. Pickey I challenge you to something. Why don't you let me surprise you outside of work with a tape recorder or video camera while you are on the way to do your job? Wouldn't you agree that would be rather disrupting? I'm sure as you conduct business as a News Director you find it necessary to organize meetings at set times.

I do not know Mr. Barfield, and I do not work for him. I also do not work for New Hanover County or any government entity for that matter. I'm simply stating that him brushing you off should not be indicative of how he conducts business. Furthermore, and finally might I add, my opinion on the matter is that he probably wanted to make some investigation before he spoke to the media. As you can see, even in your own regard, that sometimes the media can use words against people for certain "entertainment" values. Such is the case in this particular scenario when he gave his reasoning for needing to do some ironing. I think he would rather have his FACTS STRAIGHT before giving any public statement on the matter.

Again, investigative journalism is necessary in your field. However, so is reporting the truth.


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