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this is news?

Scott, you never had a busy day before? I think their meeting was at like 4:00 or so this afternoon. Sounds like Barfield had some stuff to do between mid-morning and then. NHC isn't his full-time job and he was already going to be working on it for 2-3 hours today. He offered to speak tomorrow, was honest enough to say he was trying to iron a shirt and get to an appointment. So Berger is weird and Catlin stole his notes... that's not an emergency, it could wait till tomorrow.

Dang, you never been in a rush to get somewhere and you realize all your shirts are dirty except that wrinkled one you've delayed wearing since it needs to be ironed, which is because your wife left it in the dryer crumpled up for 2 days like an idiot instead of doing her job and hanging it up as soon as the dryer buzzed, but while you're yelling at her about being a lazy harlot WWAY is calling you and she's locked herself in the guestroom crying so now she won't have dinner ready on time and you're going to have to iron your own shirt and so you've got to tell the news guy to wait till tomorrow?


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