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ATTN: "Peter C." aka

ATTN: "Peter C." aka "Straight Shooter" aka "John M." aka WWAY asshat

If you can muster the intellectual fortitude to do so, please list in a lucid and comprehensible manner, the rational reasons why you have so much against ABLE and its people. ABLE is nothing but a grassroots organization; and although we are flattered that you think we wield so much power, we certainly do not.

None of us speak with Brian Berger on a regular basis, and no one attempts to control him or tell him how to vote. We elected him because he stands for our principles, and therefore, when left to himself, should vote the way the people that elected him want him to. There is no need, will, power, or reason to try and "control" him.

You use a variety of login names to come on WWAY and post these insane rambling paranoid posts about how ABLE meets in secret; plotting to take over the county government, and all kinds of other insanity - and then you call real people - private citizens such as myself - out by name with all of your ridiculous accusations. You do know that there are laws against slander, libel, and defamation do you not? You also know that your security blanket - the anonymity that you enjoy, which makes you so brazen and bold with your insane claims - will fall apart like a Chinese mousetrap if one of the people you so willfully defame over and over again decides to file a lawsuit; and a subpoena is sworn out to WWAY to reveal your IP address and your identity, correct?

So keep it coming - you are doing a great job of making an open and shut case against yourself; since none of your charges or paranoid rantings have any merit or factual basis.


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