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So you support an elected official that physically threaten other individuals but you don't support one that is calling for better fiscal management and transparency? That defies any amount of logic and reason, that is unless you personally gain from the shenanigans of the other commissioners on the board.

Digging into Brian Berger's background just so you can trash him politically is pretty cheap and quite frankly has nothing to do with Berger's ability to lead and make the right decisions.

Instead of making ad hominem arguments Phillip C. why don't you throw your name out into the public and lets have a real debate like adults about county government. Please explain to us the differences between the commissioners and what you think makes a good commissioner.

I doubt you'll do such a thing because its easier for you to hide in anonymity and do childish name calling instead of making civil, rational, and intellectual objections.

However, if you ever decide to change your mind, you can e-mail me at or you can feel free to call me anytime 262-349-5003. You're always free to show up to one of the Wilmington Liberty meetings to debate your case, the next meeting is April 20th, you can find more details on the website. I am willing to publically debate anyone, anytime, anywhere.


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