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Why is he still in office??

I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer and to get the position I had to go through tons of training, a very thorough background check, a polygraph test, a rigorous physiological evaluation, random drug screening and annually demonstrate physical ability and job related skills...That said, what the H*LL does one have to do to be a County Commissioner? Fog up a mirror?!?! There is obviously no background check or psychological testing done here and it seems that there are no drug testing policies in place either. Why is that? I'm not saying that a County Commissioner needs to be able to do a Law Enforcement job but it would be nice to have some kinda of a standard. The nonexistent criteria has put people like this in office before and will surely do it again. For God's sake, Brian Berger can't even put a sentence together and I doubt he could pass a drug test. If he isn't completely evading a question then he is stumbling and fumbling through that lying little mind of his looking for the right answer to stutter out in his nasally little voice. I have basically forgotten any point I had intended on making and just started ranting so I believe I will just leave you with this thought: America has become a bleeding heart society and we place individuals in positions that they are not qualified for. We do this because we feel sorry for the individual, maybe there weak, pathetic or very unfortunate looking. Whatever the case may be if we continue to select our leaders using this criteria then we are the pathetic and weak ones.


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