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Eighteen years in New Hanover County

1 Riverfest, 0 Azalea Festivals.

Reading the comments below, I see pefectly why I stay away - I refuse to suffer fools (or traffic).

For God's sake, who cares if one ethnic group chooses to have their own celebration that is 99% geared toward THEM? It's a poorly camouflaged secret that the Azalea Festival celebrates the way it was in the Antebellum South, but why does that offend you?

Who cares????? The memories of slavery are so painful to you that sighting a parasol makes you boil with rage? Get real!

As Guesty pointed out, we have a rapidly growing Latino Festival every year. We have events that are specifically geared toward the Black Community such as the film festival and the MLK Day parade.

I find nothing particularly offensive about any of those events. As I'm not Latino or Black, I don't CARE about any of those events. Party hardy, people. It has nothing to do with me.

Why can't you have that attitude toward the Azalea Festival, if you find it so offensive and racist?

So if White babes want to walk around sweating in long ball gowns, pretending they're at Twelve Oaks, flirting with the Tarleton Twins, WHO CARES? It is a part of their history and heritage, and it's no more offensive than those ethnic specific events that Guesty mentioned. Let them have their garden tours and high teas. The event is gradually dying off with my generation, anyway.

If we could find a way to harness useless, needless umbrage from people who are too easily offended, our nation could be energy independent next week.


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